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Review - Melody Express

" ... a beautiful alto sound..light and fluffy like candy floss but with much more substance, Art Pepper, Paul Desmond, early Lee Konitz hover around the edges of her playing which floats like a musical butterfly before landing on a flower next to your heart. "


Guardian review

..Melody Express..Jazz CD of the Week ..Dave Gelly

" I defy anyone not to be charmed by this beautiful CD. Allison Neale plays the alto saxophone with a tone so light and airy that it melts at the edges. Her improvised lines unfold in long looping patterns that make complete sense, yet are never obvious and her choice of material is impeccable. This would be a noteworthy debut in any case , but it is all the more remarkable because it comes from such an unexpected stylistic direction. This kind of gentle, understated playing has been unfashionable for so long that I can't think of another young saxophonist that attempts it..."

Musician Magazine

..Melody Express Review

..." Allison is a young saxophonist of rare ability...she immediately demonstrates a touch and understanding of jazz soloing...the performances simply carries you to a world of lightness and satisfaction.."

Guardian Review

" Blue Concept " ..Dave Gelly

" Don't let the small dynamic range of this music put you off because it more than makes up for that in subtlety and cool elegance. Allison Neale's floating alto saxophone and Gary Kavanagh's brisk trumpet make perfect partners.
Four of the 11 pieces are by Gigi Gryce, an almost forgotten jazz composer of the Fifties and Sixties, whose clever but deceptively melodious themes deserve a further hearing. The whole set hangs together beautifully, with the improvised solos discreetly contained within simple, deft arrangements. Guitarist Dave Cliff, bassist Aidan O' Donnell and drummer Matt Home complete the band"

 Jazz Review


Cool Jazz ...Melody Express..John Gilbert 

" ..with a tone reminiscent of the Paul Desmond school of cool jazz, Allison Neale gets right to the heart of the music with no fuss or useless clutter...Neale's alto sound is like brushed might say its as cool as the perennial South Beach cocktail..this CD is all about the music.."