GIGS 2016


GIGS 2016


 Karamel Club, Harringey, "Two of a Mind

      Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill 

        Boaters, Richmond w. Dave Warren Qrt

      Back to Basie, Concorde Club, Southampton

      UK Flute Big Band, Spice of Life, Soho

      "Neale Meets Steele", 606 Club, Chelsea

       "Neale Meets Steele", Herts Jazz Club

       JAGZ Club, Ascot, Allison Neale Qrt

       Exeter Jazz Club, w. Craig Milverton

April 3.    Richard Shepherd Big Band, Ruislip 

 April 10.  Back to Basie, Stables, Wavendon

    Portsmouth Jazz, w Neale Meets Steele

April 30. Archduke, Southbank

May 01. Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill 

May 9.   Va Pensiero, Beaconsfield w Colin Oxley

    Fleet Jazz, w Neale Meets Steele

May 19. Karamel Club, Harringey, “Two of a Mind"

June 5.   606 Club, Chelsea, UKFlute BB

   June 7.   Ronnie Scotts Late Show, AN Qrt 

   June 9.   The Walrus Room, Battersea

   June 14. Twickenham Jazz, Dave Warren Qrt

June 29. Way Out West, “Two of a Mind”

June 30. Wimbledon Tennis, AN Quintet

July 5.     Frank Griffith Nonet, Annies Jazz, Southend

July 27.   Boisdales, AN Qrt

July 28.  Googlies Jazz Club, Enfield

Sept 5.   Bedford Arms, Bedford w Graham Harvey

Sept 30 Dominic Howles Septet, Somerset

Oct 5  All Saints, Hove, 1pm w Mark Crooks, Colin Oxley

Oct 9.     "Time Out" Project, Sunbury

Oct 12.   Dominic Howles Septet, Spice of Life, Soho

Oct 13    Karamel Club, Harringey, “Two of a Mind"

Oct 16.   Market Harborough Jazz Club, AN Qrt

Oct 25.   Twickenham Jazz w Sara Dowling Qrt

Nov 15.  BOPFEST at LJF Tribute to Desmond/ Hall

Nov 20.  BOPFEST at LJF Art Pepper plus Eleven

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Nov 29.  Swindon Jazz w Ian Bateman/ Simon Spillett


GIGS 2017


GIGS 2017


Jan 27    “Neale Meets Steele”, Marigolds, Old Harlow
Jan 28    “Neale Meets Steele”, Hunters Jazz, Bury St Edmunds
Jan 30    “Two of a Mind”, Cheltenham Jazz, w. Chris Biscoe
Feb 14    “Neale Meets Steele”, Watermill Jazz, Dorking
Feb 17    “Neale Meets Steele”, Sheffield Jazz, Sheffield
Mar 15    “Two of a Mind”, 606 Club, Chelsea "CD LAUNCH”

April 10    Bedford Arms, Bedford

Apr 27      Googlies Jazz Club, Enfield
May 4      “Two of a Mind”, Karamel Club, Wood Green

May 8th   "Late Show, Ronnie Scotts 11pm"

May  21   Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill 2pm
May 25    “Two of a Mind”, Cambridge Modern Jazz Club
June 09     Bracknell Jazz, w. Nat Steele
June 11     Allison Neale Quartet, Chelmsford Jazz, 1pm
July 6        Allison Neale/Gary Kavanagh Quintet, Wimbledon LT
July 29      Allison Neale Trio, Llandudno Jazz Festival

Sept 01   "Two of a Mind", Reading Jazz
Sept 25    Bexley Jazz Club, Old Bexley

Oct 12   Googlies Jazz Club, Enfield
Oct 13   ‘Neale Meets Steele’, The Crypt, Camberwell
Oct 16   Ronnie Scotts Late Show w Colin Oxley
Oct 21   Allison Neale Qrt, Bulls Head, Barnes
Nov  1   Ruislip Jazz Club, w. Colin Oxley
Nov  4   Isle of Wight Jazz, w. Nick Page Qrt
Nov 12  Princess of Wales , Primrose Hill 2-4pm
Nov 23  ‘Two of a Mind’, Karamel Club, Wood Green
Dec  7   Back to Basie, Tower Jazz Club, Folkestone
Dec 10  ‘Two of a Mind’, Herts Jazz Club